3 areas affected and their consequences for advertisers


  • ITP 2.1 in a nutshell
  • 3 areas affected by ITP 2.1 and their platforms
  • How to keep your first-party cookies alive

What is Apple’s ITP 2.1?

ITP 2.1 is Apple’s first 2019 intelligent tracking prevention update affecting its browser Safari. It’s been recently followed by another iteration called ITP 2.2 that will cause even more restrictions for marketers, as soon as it is completely rolled out.

But first, let’s cover ITP 2.1:

In short, ITP 2.1 limits the ability of advertisers to track users across domains by capping the lifetime of all first-party cookies from Safari to 7 days instead of the possible 2 years…

Shantanu Narayen, CEO Adobe

From customer-driven to customer-obsessed

For a while now, we’ve witnessed a growing commitment from brands big and small to shifting from a marketing-obsessed strategy to a customer-obsessed culture where the ultimate goal is to drive purpose and value through long-lasting relationships with customers. This became apparent at Adobe Summit.

Adobe’s CEO — Shantanu Narayen kicked off the first official day of the Summit with the statement:

“Retention is the new growth” — Shantanu Narayen, CEO Adobe

For a company like Adobe — that relies heavily on its growing community and renewal rates, especially with the recent acquisition of Marketo and Magento, customer retention is…

Al Gore on the Founder Stage at Slush

With 20,000 attendees from 130+ countries including 2,600 startups, 1,500 investors, and 600 journalists, it’s clear that Slush is going great guns and it has become the beacon of the developing European tech ecosystem. Here are the key insights that I took back home.

Being part of a tech company with a strong presence in the Nordics and dealing with social media trends and the overall digital landscape on a daily basis are probably good enough reasons to get me interested in Slush. However, with so many other European conferences such as dmexco and WebSummit, why choose Slush in Finland? Here’s what I found out during my first trip to Helsinki:


The content marketing ecosystem is changing

AI, automation, voice search, ephemeral storytelling, the GDPR, the future of messaging… the digital industry is no longer propelling buzzwords. Change is happening and the now frontier* is here. And we all witnessed it at this year’s dmexco.

Bonin Bough at dmexco 2017

With a two-day packed program, 500+ leading-edge speakers, and 50K attendees, the expectations for this year’s dmexco were high. The main topics had already set the scene and made one thing clear: change is happening, whether we are on board or not. It’s not about “VR or not”, “Insta Stories or not”, “Bots or not”, the question really is: how do we, as brands and marketers, adapt to meet the new digital frontier that is unfolding as we speak. Here are the key insights that I took back home.

1. Humanation before automation

This year’s dmexco confirmed an industry fact: if you’re not adding…

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