To The Boy Who Ran Away.

These words are to the boy who saw the sunset at the dawn. Who dared to wander at the edges of the deep dark world. To the boy who fought, and got defeated. To the one who didn’t ask for help.

Do not be afraid, boy, wrecking and shattering the lives of many will burden your soul but i give you my prayer.

Run, boy, run.

Maybe regrets of a sudden breeze doesn’t mean much, it can’t be compared to the pain the tide harnessed from your left. Deed is done.

Run, boy, run.

Maybe the ghost around me will not leave my ankle, nor bring you back. It will definetly not going to mend the broken hearts. But for once, I will not forget you, boy. Even if you’re long forgetten, or remembered as the boy who ran away, you’ll be always be welcomed in my memories.

So run, boy, run.

Let the anger go away from your bright blue eyes. They don’t defind you anymore. They’ve defeated you once, now it’s time that you let the wind sweep trough your golden hair. I wish I was there to help you cary the burden. The ones that you left behind are going to miss you like a desert desperate for the drop of water.

This is for you, boy, you ran away.

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