Early insights on our first trip as digital nomads

Two weeks in on our first trip, we’ve established some routines and made ourselves at home in Durrës, Albania. A lot of things have come to mind and will be discussed in more detail in future posts, but here’s some initial insights.

  • Time: we’re now sole owners of our own time, and the days feel crazy long! Even though we’re getting a lot of productive work done, we have so much time left for other things to do and learn. No time is wasted on no value meetings, answer emails, office distractions, commutes, or other unecessary things.
  • Motivation: we wake up early in the mornings and full of energy, excited about a new day. We now get up around 7AM, whereas as an employee we’d stay in bed until 10AM and then force ourselves up to go to work.
  • Interests: the idea of laying on the beach sipping cocktails all day just because you’re in a warm country is not really that appealing. It seems like a fantasy to escape the everyday life and since we are now designing our own lifestyle, we no longer need an escape.
  • Creativity: since our brains are not filled with job tasks that need to be done, our creativity is thriving. We’re constantly thinking of new ideas of things to do, things to learn, things to build or problems to solve.
  • Health: physical exercise is planned into our days, at a high priority. We’ve also become more interested in our bodies and our health, and are learning about vitamins and healthy diets.
  • Minimalism: we’re trying to make concious decisions about what we buy, where our time goes and what information we consume. We now own less things and don’t concern ourselves with all the latest events on social media.

Over and out!