Hot Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album The Maestro Abides by Henry Metal Out Now

Diana Karmakova
Jul 16, 2017 · 2 min read
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Hard rock / heavy metal artist Henry Metal has unleashed his third full-length album, The Maestro Abides. The record is his third full-length release of the year and caps off a blast of creativity from the debut artist who has been hailed as “among the most interesting things to happen to music in 2017.”

The Maestro Abides is a non-stop riff-race, complete with face melting solos, complex yet accessible song structures and completely over the top, absurdist lyrics. The record opens with ‘Thought Police (Song for America),’ an ode to freedom of speech, before delving into a two song battle between a rock n’ roll rebel and the town sheriff. A fun, if not ridiculous, treatment of mall-walking follows before delving into the subject of modern day avarice in ‘Bankster’ and ‘Models and Bottles.’ ‘The Maestro Still Abides,’ seemingly the album’s theme track, is a bit of a serious introspection. ‘Pen Man’ is a complaint against stingy ink companies and ‘On With The Show’ rages against the corporate music machine, or whatever is left of it.

The music is clearly a work of passion. As Henry put it in a recent interview, “Yes, the music game is impossible. That’s why we don’t play it. We just put out ridiculous songs and give zero craps about who likes it and who doesn’t. I think if you’re trying to get rich in 2017 making music you need to have your head examined.” We hope to see a lot more of this passion from the anonymous metalhead going forward. To find out more about Henry Metal and his music visit and download his latest album today.

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