Mind on your money, money on your mind

Gone are the days when it was not about the money but about purpose and passion. We have read about so many people in history who left remarkable changes in our world. I am not saying such people no longer exist because I know of so many intelligent and brilliant young people with great minds. Our minds are after making money so fast but it’s not surprising that the levels of poverty have greatly increased.

The people who made history were always obsessed with inventions even when they were not making fortunes, of course some had jobs and businesses but they never stopped chasing after their dreams. The world is filled with so many intelligent people but they have chosen to be silent probably because of what people will think about them. We are so afraid of the outcome even before we try.

I don’t know if my thoughts are completely out of this world but even when we chase after the money, it still takes a while to boast of our riches otherwise we would all be having assets all over the world. I have witnessed many young people terribly fail all because they were convinced that one business deal would make them rich. Many have been disappointed by their jobs while others are still searching for that one job with a very good salary and so many allowances. Are we dreaming or are we living in reality? Are we setting the bar so high? Are we deceiving ourselves? Thanks to the get rich quick schemes people are greatly convinced that it is very possible to get rich in a short while. What happened to hard work? What happened to patience? Is the fear of the future running our lives? So many questions that deserve to be answered.

People say that even with all these things it is very possible to be unhappy for the rest of your life but what if you lived a life of purpose, that one thing that connects you, your abilities and your wallet? But wait is this possible? I have been told so many times by friends that I am only dreaming, that my thinking is ancient and not practical especially in this century. However has anybody tried and failed?

Pardon me but I seriously believe in passion and purpose, this doesn’t mean that it all has to happen in the shortest time possible, the greatest innovations took a long time with so many failures recorded but with patience, dedication and hard work they were successful. So are you crazy enough to chase after that one thing that you are passionate about? Will this be life changing for you or will it be enough? There is only one way to find out.

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