But the more I think about it, the more I realise that while it’s helpful for us to understand design and code to emancipate our work from the confines of platforms, it’s even more important for us to gain a firm understanding of the systems in which our work exists.
Is Writing Worth It?
Ritwik Deshpande

Feeling out the texture of an algorithm or a network’s dynamics can be intensely engrossing—like becoming one with the machine. Since people are the organizing principle on so many platforms, “building your network”—on Medium, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Twitter—can help you to assemble the audience that makes testing ideas more fun.

Throughout my internet life, I’ve occasionally devoted myself to months where I “post something to Tumblr every day” or “post something to Medium every week.” By putting a lot into a system consistently, I learn what it could mean for me; by reading and listening to others, I learn how much of my experience is common, and how much is unique. These experiments always leave me optimistic.

That said, I hope you find another outlet for elaborate custom layouts! Pouring time and care into things when the network seems indifferent can feel like a lost cause, but it may just lead you to your own Dan Winkler.