Interesting attributes of 3 teammates and one LFA I proactively interacted during the Bootcamp 13 week 1.

I would like to say that this journey of becoming a world-class software developer has been so much interesting and at the same time challenging but I have managed to learn a lot from my passionate teammates and our supportive LFA Aretha Kebirungi in a number of areas especially on matters relating to teamwork building and collaboration and also how to strive for excellence in whatever we do and the standards it comes along with. I have had very supportive teammates, always there to help by providing brilliant ideas and solutions to various challenges I had experienced since we started the week one boot camp.

To mention, my three teammates (slack handles:@fahd, @lubwama73, and @Baker) have shown support on slack. They have exercised collaboration coupled with teamwork traits, with brilliant suggestions to solutions of some the problems and those of others which is, with no doubt, very understandable.

My LFA has also been responding to my questions, concerns, giving feedback on my progress and most importantly to blockers that may hold me back and this has made me proceed well in handling the challenges of the boot camp. This has shown me clearly that Aretha is a person who believes in collaboration, besides she also appreciates excellence, and believes in doing things the right way and the others progress.

I can also say that we are getting along so well and by the end of this boot camp week one, we will have connected and build a strong team that is ready for week two challenge. I have realized that teamwork is very essential in project development and delivery and together if we work as a team, we can progress faster through learning from each other and sharing knowledge.

Apart from collaborating on the channel, I did not interact with them much therefore, I can not know the interesting attribute of them.