Confessions of a Workaholic.

I’m getting back into the world of online blogging, mainly under the advice of a lady I met recently who’s given me some amazing advice, Diana (The Winerist).

My close friends can all attest to my doing a gazillion things… And lately, it’s been messing with not only my sleep cycle, and my health, but also my inability to revise properly.

In the last week, I’ve been trudging through a failed, messy, spontaneous revision “schedule”, which just hasn’t been working…

So today, I’m going to embrace the bank holiday, let myself have a real break, clean up my disgustingly messy paper-laden flat, and make a proper plan for revision.

I am sooo behind a lot of my coursemates, but hopefully, by the grace of God, I’ll get that 2:1… Cross fingers.

Here’s a cute, fun song from one of my fave bands, Stars.