Unprecedented — Why the Electoral College Should Stop Donald Trump
daniel brezenoff

Daniel, I love the work you are doing. I would just like you to reassess the statement that the Electoral College was created to protect the slave states. Actually, Hamilton, who was a strict abolitionist, was very worried about direct democracy — he was very studied about democratic history and was acutely aware of the political dangers and anti-intellectual bent of the masses as witnessed in France. Madison and Jefferson and the southern bloc were the ones who took the idea of the electoral college and used it to their advantage and made sure the slave states were covered by creating the 3/5 rule. The southerners threatened to walk away from the constitutional convention if the notion of slavery was even vaguely challenged. So, just like the contemporary Republicans gerrymandering to give us the warped districting, the slave-owning states used the electoral college to their advantage by corrupting the original intent. You essential say all this in your article, but I offer that maybe starting with Hamilton’s intent and then talking about how it was abused by the Slave states would present a more compelling argument to get the Electors back on the right side of history.