Step by step tutorial with tips and tricks.

Weather app UI screens
Weather app UI screens

Welcome to the third step by step UI guide! Let’s practice some UI skills — I encourage you to take some time and follow my little tutorial. You will most likely end up having a nice UI example to share on your socials and portfolio :)

This time, we’re going to create a visually pleasing, simple weather app with 3d-like illustrations.You won’t need any fancy software to do this — I work entirely in Sketch, but you will be able to recreate this tutorial in Figma.

Please note, that this is not a “legit” process on how to create a product. We will focus on creating a clean, consistent UI, and we skip all the research/user experience/whatever you like to call it/steps.


Diana Malewicz

Co-Founder @ | Author of “Designing Interfaces” book | +11 years experienced Product Designer and Advisor

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