Breathify: A Low-Cost, Powerful & Eco-Friendly Solution for Cleaner Air

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The air quality in India is relentlessly deterio-rating, making air purifiers a need. A variety of air purifiers are accessible in the market today, however their costs going from Rs.12,000–50,000 makes them unreasonably costly for a normal Indian family. To fill this hole of manage the cost of capacity without settling on the quality, Breathify — a startup for manu — facturing and selling moderate, yet exceedingly effective air purifiers was incepted by Krrish Chawla (Founder and Innovator) in 2018 at the youthful age of 17 years.

A Revolutionizing Innovation

Battling with respiratory issues all through his youth, Krrish has direct seen the deterrents brought about via air contamination. “These encounters permeated me with the drive to improve the lives of other people who were enduring as I did, and Breathify was conceived,” says Krrish. He concocted the thought subsequent to understanding that a basic machine, having essentially only a channel and a fan, was being sold in the market at such over the top costs. With a solid assurance and conviction that breathing unadulterated air isn’t an extravagance, yet rather a need that ought to be open to all, he concocted the world’s first Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Air Purifier (following quite a while of research, 309 models and extensive long periods of steady testing).

“With a focus on delivering maximum efficiency at lowest prices, Breathify is constantly experimenting with new materials and designs to churn out the best”

Breathify Air Purifiers are 98 percent plastic/polymer free, devour simply 40W power and consolidate the world-over acknowledged HEPA channel innovation. It utilizes H13 grade HEPA channel to evacuate 99.97 percent of PM10 and PM2.5 particles, as little as 0.3 microns. Breathify’s excellent protected plan, joined with its Advanced Reverse Air Technology, disposes of the defilement of yield air — an issue tormenting most other air purifiers; empowering it to convey perfect and unadulterated air consistently. The machines have a remarkable Air Intake System which expands air dissemination by attracting dirtied air from a wide 270-degree edge.

Really Affordable

Following the ‘Make in India’ activity and utilizing restricted materials, Breathify items have not just broken the value boundary by an enormous edge, however doing as such has likewise made the organization invulnerable to any adjustment in import regulationsand outside trade vacillations. With an emphasis on conveying most extreme effectiveness at least costs, Breathify is continually trying different things with new materials and plans to produce the best.

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