Photo: Jesse Collins ( edited by Diana Palfalvi

UX works in mysterious ways

One night I had a dream about one of my distant friend. I wrote it down and sent to her on messenger, then we had a quick conversation about what is going on in each other’s life. I told what’s on my mind then she asked, ‘Sounds nice and what are you going to study?’. Just like an old hand (she wasn’t the first one who didn’t understand what the term of UX means at first) I started to unfold what the profession of UX Design is about with one inaccurate sentence: ‘Uhm… it’s like web design, but with more interactions and attention on the end users’ activities and thinking methods, to create the best user experience.’. Yeah, I know, I feel the same pain as you. Let’s accept as my extenuating circumstance that I was far more behind of the starting date of my long voyage to become a UX designer.

I started this little post with a huge research what others say about UX. I read tons of articles, opinions and I still felt the divergence between the authors. However, all the stories of UX date back to Leonardo da Vinci’s kitchen. So, let me lean on a little assignment that we had during our class and in which they asked us to collect pins related to UX design. During that time, I found some really interesting pictures which serve as food for thought. At least for me.

‘UX is not UI’

Source:’s graphic definitely shows the difference in people’s thinking about this field. Everyone sees only the “screen” or in other words ‘the tip of the iceberg’. So that could be a reason why the people or even a CEO of a startup mix up the two fields, UX and UI. It is easy to forget about the painful, intangible and persistent work to find out that mobile app’s proper look to become more attractive to the end users. A UX designer seldom works on an app’s pixel-perfect appearance but the overall look and feel including the wireframes. This graphic shows us, besides the most important roles of a UXer, how diverse this field is.

Web design vs UX thinking

The other infographic that I want to show you, is a comparison of a UXer’s and Web Designer’s workflow. Have you noticed the fundamental differences between the two? A UXer spends her time overwhelmingly in her head. At least at the start of the project, it is highly recommended. The UXer is the one who creates the context or the basics for the UI designers work. They are out on the field and experiment, research, talk and trying to solve the impossible missions: to see the world with the end-users’ eyes.

Of course, these statements are not true in every case. These things highly depend on what projects are you working on, in what kind of company and where. Not to mention those other circumstances that influence your workflow too. And I only touch on UX Design very briefly. I can imagine how everything is jumbled up in your mind now. But somehow I hope I don’t make everything more confusing but cleaner for you.

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