Safety Pointer to Keep In Mind When Cooking in Groups

Organizations could hold group cooking events for employees in order to keep them motivated and improve interpersonal relations. Such activities, however, have to be conducted in with safety measures in mind, especially since many people would be sharing the same cooking space.

Cooking in groups can be a fun and rewarding activity. Particularly as an event, this is one way in which organizations could cultivate interpersonal relations among employees. While seminars, competitions, motivational lectures, etc, are usually the themes of company events, a cooking based event could help in making employees feel relaxed and motivated. Cooking together can help foster deeper bonds among employees (Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Nutritionist, “WINDING DOWN AND COOKING AS A FORM OF THERAPY AND RELAXATION”, 2015). Post the cooking session, employees could also have a firsthand experience of their group work and efforts by sharing the prepared food and dining together.

However, when conducting such events, companies and employees must keep in mind certain general safety measures regarding cooking and use of kitchen appliances. Particularly when cooking in large groups that have to share common cooking spaces, there might be an increased likelihood of accidents. The following are some safety pointers that could be kept in mind when conducting a group matlagningsevent:

Organized workstations: Workstations, counters, shelves, etc, must be neatly organized and arranged, regardless of whether the event is taking place outdoors, with a makeshift kitchen or if large pantries are rented for this purpose. Employees should remember to not clutter workstations. Knifes and other sharp instruments must be stored safely when not being used. Having a separate area for ingredients and supplies would help in keeping cooking stations uncluttered.

Dry Floors and Surfaces: If anything gets spilled on the floor, it must be cleaned right away. All the employees sharing the cooking space must be made aware of wet floors with the use of ‘wet floor’ signs. This would help prevent falls or trips, particularly in crowded kitchens. Organizations could also make use of appropriate mats and other anti-slip items which would help with slippery floors.

Ordered Process: As an activity aimed at teambuilding, employees involved in group cooking sessions must have an ordered system in place. This would help regulate issues regarding tasks assigned to each person, areas of preparation, time used, etc. Thus, employees could avoid confusion while cooking. Cooking with a clear plan in mind would help employees avoid making tiny mistakes like forgetting a pan kept on fire, etc.

Appliance Safety: A well-stocked kitchen, rented for such purposes, would have various delicate appliances. The correct use of such cooking appliances is vital in avoiding mishaps and accidents. Employees involved in cooking activities must familiarize themselves with all the appliances, as well as the correct usage of appliances, before beginning cooking processes.

Organizations could thus ensure that safety precautions are followed and the cooking activity is successful without any accidents or mishaps. The help of professional event agencies could be taken for organizing and conducting such activities. One company that could help in organizing a matlagningsevent Stockholm activity is Aveqia. More information can be found on their website.

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