Duchess of Cornwall uses Energy Tapping for Fear of Flying.

I was excited to learn recently that in her recent biography Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall and wife to Prince Charles, wrote that she used energy tapping techniques in order to combat her fear of flying.

As reported by The Express, in the UK. The Duchess has been using energy tapping to help reduce her fear of flying. This must of come as a huge help to the royal as her duties take her all over the world on a regular basis.

Sometimes the reason for the fear surprises my clients as it has nothing to do with the act of flying at all. A recent client discovered that they associated flying with a painful parting from a loved family member who died soon after. The pain of saying goodbye at the airport became wrapped up in the process of taking a flight which quickly grew into a fear of flying.

Why I use EFT — It’s my favourite tool to use. I’ve been tapping since 2002 first for myself and then in my professional life. My personal experience with EFT resulted in a passion for the technique and inspired me to train as an AAMET certified Master Practitioner. When I learned about Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping as it’s more commonly known. I couldn’t believe that something so simple and let’s be honest, so strange, could have such an amazing effect.

I wasn’t sure if should take this seriously but in spite of my doubts EFT grabbed my attention and I began to find out everything I could about the technique. I started using EFT to calm the feelings and thoughts I was having and very quickly began to feel more in control.

EFT is wonderful for calming feelings but the real magic happens when you start to work through past events or beliefs especially if you do this with the help of a trained practitioner.

What I love most about EFT is that you can use it anytime, anywhere, you don’t need any equipment to get started just something that’s troubling you and a wish to change that by honestly and openly exploring the reason why. EFT can’t stop things happening to you but it does help you change how you react to them.

It’s a wonderful calming, meditative practice with clinically proven results. Use it to reduce stress, anxiety and the bad thoughts and behaviours that hold you back but also to help create change, tackle new challenges and achieve goals. It simply and effectively creates emotional balance and mental clarity.

EFT is very gentle and painful memories, feelings or hurts can be faced and acknowledged without you feeling overwhelmed. Imagine the relief of being able to say what’s true for you, however weak or terrible it seems and accept yourself anyway.

EFT is very different and I know it can seem a bit strange and challenging. But the truth is the human brain loves new things and if you keep finding yourself returning to unwanted habits or behaviour EFT might be the tool that finally puts a stop to it.

You don’t have to believe in EFT for it to work, just be open enough to give it a go and accepting enough to say what you’re really feeling.

If you’d like to learn more contact me now or book a free 30 minute ‘Kickstart Change’ session to discover how Emotional Freedom Technique could help you.

Diana Rickman is an AAMET certified Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix re-imprinting practitioner. With over 15 years experience of using and sharing EFT Diana has helped her clients change 1000’s of memories, beliefs and feelings.