Lauren Modery

I lived in a 235 square foot apartment in San Francisco with a friend for two years. Two years. Two Adult Women. 235 square feet. It was not sunshine and roses. There was one shared bed (built into the apartment) 2 1/2 feet from the foot of the bed was the stove, sink, and mini fridge. Every wall was a cabinet. There was no space for a couch or table. The bed was both. Nope. Just Nope. Never again. I love to sew and make all the things. You CANNOT MAKE anything not sew, not bead, not make jelly. You can have friends over if they sit on your commune bed :/ And yes it is that clean all the time. Sadly you have no choice. Want to make it from you sad front door to your shared bed couch ancient roman lounging food eating spot? Then you damn well put everything in to a cupboard. Clean or don’t move. Your choice.

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