Love So Deep

I crave a love so deep, absolutely nothing could destroy it. A love so pure, the whitest of doves would be envious. A love so unique, all odds have been overcome so this love can occur. I want this love to be obvious, not in-your-face, but hard to miss. A love so strong, it would take every force of nature to destroy it. I watched this love unfold before my very own eyes. I watched my mom fall in love. I watched my mom develop a dependency on this love, some may even say it was unhealthy. My mom was obsessed, even infatuated with this love. This love constantly adored my mom back. This love made my mom crazy, even manic some might say. This love destroyed everything good in my mom’s life, every relationship with her kids, her fiance, her ex-husband, her sisters and especially with me. My mom fell in love with pills. My mom fell in love alcohol. My mom fell in love with depression and my mom fell out of love with life.