As USC says “V”… Victory!

That light at the end of the tunnel representing victory on what has been a fight for decades is finally here. Before the struggle on whether alternative fossil fuels was a good idea or not was a debate that went on and on. For many years many countries, such as the United States did not work on changing their sources of energy away from fossil fuel. The reason for not shifting away from fossil fuels was due to how it was going to effect the economy. The economic issue has always been a factor especially for countries such as China and United States of America. However, recently things are drastically changing, and all factors are considered. The Paris deal to fight against climate change will finally take effect on November 4th, 2016.

Others may ask what the Paris Agreement is, as did I. The Paris Agreement is and agreement set with those in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, also known as UNFCCC, who takes action when it comes to the severe use of greenhouse gasses emissions. Now to defend and stand for the Pairs agreement are the European nations, Canada, Bolivia, and Nepal enhanced the thrive off this agreement. These were standing together as one is already fifty-five percent of world greenhouse gas emissions. The unionization of those standing to fight climate change occurred on October 6th and now by Thursday seventy-four countries, which is sixty percent of global emissions are going to unite for the Paris Agreement.

President Barack Obama who has been in the fight for reducing fossil fuel emissions for eight years now has said, “a historic day in the struggle to protect our planet for future generations.” When all these countries unite together to this will be considered the world’s turning point.

The United States Secretary of State John Kerry says, “Today it is crystal clear that we have finally woken up.” There are those who view the cut and reduction of emissions as a final solution and salvation, but then the obvious truth is said by Heather Coleman who is climate change manager. The understanding that this will help better the world is correct and prevent the world from catastrophic destruction, however “the collective commitments made are still not enough to prevent dangerous climate change.” As said before the world as a whole had taken to long to take action when it was not too late. The damage was seen, and those who knew burning fossil fuels had a hugely adverse effect on the plant did not do anything to take action except now that there are life-threatening consequences. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are the most powerful strategy, and more countries need to on board. Different alternatives and modifications are finally happening.

Besides the Paris Agreement, another fantastic news is the use of alternative energy is implemented in places like New York City. The use of solar power is going at the cost of 20,000 dollars, but federal, state, and city incentives and tax credits are said to be able to cut it in half. Once the solar power alternative use of energy implemented then, it is said by the director of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority states that is everything shifts to solar power than the benefits of it will be a drop of eight-five percent in bills. When speaking about solar energy here, it is referring to solar panels. What solar panels are, are it captures and absorbs the heat waves from the sun and then from it uses it as a source of energy. In return when it absorbs these sun rays it generates electricity or heating. As of now this alternative is being employed in single houses. However, Brooklyn is coming into this settlement as well. What has pulled forward is the solar industry, which in the end becomes more beneficial for everyone because it opens 2,700 spots for workers. There would be fifty-five companies opening and the opening for workers become profitable. Governor Andrew M Cuomo wants New York to use all their electrical needs to come from renewable resources by the year 23030. The New York City mayor also wants to the city’s cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Many greenhouse gasses they want to cut is by eight percent.

These reductions and reductions are in place to finally act on what is slowly being destroyed all around the world.

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