There I was on the highway at twilight not knowing where I was heading. I only knew I wanted to run so fast that nothing would seem real anymore. 
“It’s like I am dreaming and drowning at the same time.”
The trees, the water breaking through the levels of green into strips of grey and red energy flowing and rising into the crisp air. The wind touches the skin and her bruises, like he’s waiting for them to turn yellow. The wide road with flashes of speed and light at sight.

Last call. Last ride. Blue lights are coming. They’re stopping by.

- Are you alright? Anyone chasing you lady? There’s a black van following you, or at least it looks that way. 
-And I was following the sunset. I am sure it’s just a coincidence.
-Alright, miss. Go home. be safe. 
-Sure thing.
Almost got caught. 
 The energy is howling and starving as I keep wandering on the road towards freedom and redemption. Midnight tunes soon to start, my naked soul next to yours, an arrow in your heart makes you bleeding. You kept me dizzy like in a swirling dream. We had too much of anything. We pushed our dreams beyond the point of no return.

I woke up to feel your last breath. You said: “I love you baby” and then you gave me red tiger lilies that you painted them with your blood.

I watched you how your life was draining out of you.

-Keep on dreaming baby, your pink and white dreams. I will miss you, please comeback in a star.

I left the cabin in a dead silence. I washed myself in the river. I started running out of there.

And here I am on the highway. Running under the moonlight. Meeting you.