Hacking Tech’s Greatest Challenge: Diversity And Inclusion
J. Kelly Hoey

Good list of things that will help, except it is in the wrong order. For myself (CS degree in ‘82), and my daughter, currently a programmer with a very well-known company, the environment in the workplace is like a steady drip of mysogyny entrenched harassment and resentment of women intruders. It wears one down, some quickly, others less so, and in many places, women who have survived have an attitude that they made it through the briar patch, they won’t help you with a machete or a map. Shortly before I redefined my career (now a massage therapist), I was still fighting the stereotype that there must be something wrong with me if I thought I could possibly know what was going on, and I should call an expert to help me solve connection challenges and resolve virus infestations. My daughter encounters minor, and not-so-minor reminders that to many she is an intruder every day. So before there is a hospitable work environment, there will still be few who try and fewer who stay.

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