Today’s Vagenda
Sara Schaefer

The dedication to the cause shown here is truly inspiring…but I would like to encourage all of us to post our own vagendas based on our diverse experiences. It would be great to read some more typical daily vagendas from poor, working-class, and lower middle-class women. Let’s get real, ladies! Few of us can afford a bespoke porch rifle, the loss of an expensive rug just to wrap up a man’s corpse, or the major repairs required on a vehicle used in a vehicular manocide. (Or is the more correct term “vaghicular manocide?” I have always been a bit unsure on that point.) And it is NO DOUBT a lot harder to get this quality or quantity of misanthropic mayhem and murder accomplished you are working double shifts on minimum wage! But I have to say, I do admire the writer very much for using her class privilege and economic power to go all out in furthering the vagenda of manocide on behalf of women everywhere. Bless you, sister.

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