Being a mom, it’s challenging but rewarding..

I always say that I am not good with kids until I have my own and I cannot run from that responsibility.

It is amazing when you hear a child calls you mama the very first time. I was deeply touched and yes now I know how it feels like to be a mom to a child.

“Before they turn 2” is a book that I am currently working on. It reminds me of stories and incidents that involve myself and my son. There are times that you wish you can have all the time to yourself and there are times that you wish you can spend all your time with your child.

They are naive and innocent, hence they meant what they say. You do not have to guess or interpret, it is always written on their faces. Isn’t it great if adults can be like that too? However, ponder on this for a moment, if it is an adult, probably he or she will not be appreciated or it might not be as forgiving as you know that they are grown-ups and they are expected to act in a matured manner.

Having said that, I still love this role as a mom. A new mom suffers from late nights or even sleepless nights, sore nipples from breastfeeding or pumping, no longer looking chic and fashionable with the messy hair tied up in a bun, but all these will eventually end when they are approaching two as they have grown from babies to toddlers.

I also understand that you will not know how it is like to be mom until you are one and unfortunately there is no course that you can attend to equip yourself. Hence it is always challenging. Nevertheless, when they look at you in your eyes and utter “ I love you, mama!” It melts your heart and you know it’s all worth it, it’s rewarding too!

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