An image of a nurse taking someone’s blood for a donation drive. From here.

Warnings: discussions of gun violence, homophobia, blood, HIV/AIDS.

I recently became able to donate blood in my country. As someone whose family can’t donate at all (my parents have had previous illnesses which invalidate them, and my sister is terrified of it for now), I was truly excited to be able to have a small gesture of solidarity with my community. I’d wanted to donate blood for a while now, but hadn’t been able to — until my 18th birthday.

So the day I turned 18, that same Sunday, with my shiny birthday cards under my armpit and feeling very…

Versión en castellano.

A year ago.

Response to @elenapons0 ‘s original tweet. Translation: “The use of the <x> isn’t valid to reference both sexes.”

A well-meaning but probably also amusingly confused twitter user mocks the use of “lxs chicxs”. For those of you who might not speak Spanish, both defined articles and most nouns are gendered, and the masculine is unsurprisingly used to include “both” genders, while feminine only includes women. This means that when the twitter of music talent reality show ‘Operación Triunfo’ (literally, mission success) was referring to its contestants, it used the ‘x’ instead of “las chicas”…

La bandera no-binaria. Un poco cutre, la verdad, pero se la quiere igual.

English version.

Hace un año.

Gracias, RAE, ya sabes usar Twitter.

Una persona en Twitter, probablemente confusa pero definitivamente entretenida, comenta entre risas virtuales el uso de “lxs chicxs”. Cuando la cuenta de Twitter de Operación Triunfo (y lo sé que es difícil escaparse de ellos, os comprendo) quiso referirse a sus concursante, no utilizó el masculino inclusivo los chicos, sino lxs chicxs. No sé si os habréis cruzado con esta forma de lenguaje inclusivo en las redes sociales, pero es una forma de hacer referencia a dos géneros sin presuponer que el masculino los incluye a ambos. Pero esta…

I bought Dragon Age: Inquisition just a couple years after it finally stopped being relevant, in that roundabout way the most loyal of fans often do. In fact, I came across it by hearing a friend go on and on about the series, singing its praises and dedicating countless hours to it. I started, as all video game purists are wont to do, with the first game, Dragon Age Origins.

Bioware is actually -though it only recently entered my awareness- quite important to me, as a lesbian gamer. It has gone above and beyond in representation in games, and though…

Warnings for: suicide and drug abuse mention. Please tread carefully.

Connor Murphy (Mike Faist) and Evan Hansen (Ben Platt) in a promotional picture for the musical Dear Evan Hansen.

Dear Evan Hansen has become a musical firmly attached to mental health, suicide and anxiety. Despite the existence of many other themes in the show — friendship, fumbling through first romances, being a teenager, family, etc. — the unifying thread is how the protagonist’s anxiety shapes his actions.

The first song, sung by two mothers with sons affected by mental illness, illustrates precisely one of the musical’s recurring questions: how do we cure it?

Can we try to have an optimistic outlook, huh?
Can we buck up just enough to see…

WARNING: This article contains information and non-explicit discussions of assault, transphobia and violence against trans people, especially trans women.

If there is one positive thing I can say about the Main Quest Forbidden City Entry in Breath of the Wild, it’s that it’s possible to avoid it.

However, it is incredibly taxing to circumvent this part of the game, necessary in order to defeat one of the four sub bosses on their own, rather than all together — the alternative if you decide to skip their respective Main Quests. …

A ghost is a wish

Trigger warning: suicide, drug addiction rape and child abuse. Please proceed with caution.

Spoilers for the entire show.

Lulu Wilson and Violet McGraw as Young Shirley and Nell.

In 2018, it is no longer enough to use mental illness as a barely-concealed euphemism for insanity in horror movies. The tropes of ‘psychiatric homes’ as haunted and terrifying places continue, of course, as does the portrayal of villains across all genres that fit neatly into identifiable symptoms (abrupt and sudden laughter, delusions, hallucinations, personality disorder…).

This day and age, there’s a new trend: including mental illness explicitly, especially to refer to characters who are seeing the supernatural but are perceived as…

“It’s not all abraca-fuck-you and what have you. I have a beating heart! I’m multidimensional! I’m a fully realized creation! FUCK!
— Taako, Ep. 23 Petals to the Metal — Chapter Six

Note: This article concerns the Balance campaign in the podcast, as the Amnesty campaign is unfinished.

Image of the cover of the Graphic Novel adapatation of the first arc in the Balance Campaign. From

As with all experiences that leave us winded and changed in the loveliest of ways, it took several years for me to get into The Adventure Zone, a podcast made by three brothers and their father that role-play a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

You might have heard of the McElroy brothers…

There’s something almost painfully real about Zelda in Breath of the Wild, something that hangs like a noose around the player’s heart and tugs until it’s too tight to breathe. In a game where our stand-in protagonist character, Link, doesn’t speak a word and rarely expresses an opinion, Zelda is so disgustingly, amazingly flawed and herself in such a way that the contrast stays at the back of your mind.

All of Zelda’s emotional arch is told through the Lost Memories, of course — completely optional parts of the game. They add nothing to the actual gameplay except an unlocked…

Oxenfree header, from Steam.

(Spoilers for the video game Oxenfree ahead)

As a veteran of Bioware, Telltale Games and numerous RPGs, I’m the type of person who enjoys games that pride themselves on choices. Though I don’t necessarily shy away from fixed plotlines and even simple story beats (Breath of the Wild is one of my favorite games of all time, after all) games with multiplicity in them always make my experience feel more personal, and open up more satisfying and dynamic interactions with others who play them.

It is because of that that the moment I finished my first playthrough of Oxenfree, I…


Young, queer, and terrified of rollercoasters. They/them @gomadelpelorota on twitter.

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