The Repair Of The World

I see what’s wrong in the world.

I see the right, too.

That is why I see the wrong so clearly: the justice defines the injustice in high relief.

Other people say ‘how can you know it is wrong, or unjust, who are you to judge’

I know the best I can

I trust myself and draw a line, knowing that I may be mistaken, knowing also that if I am the one who sees injustice, I am the one who must say something

if I am wrong I can learn, the one I wronged will teach me

To tolerate a harm done to others that I did not prevent when I could have is to deaden inside myself.

I see what’s wrong in the world.

People say “don’t see that, don’t talk about it, I don’t want to hear it, don’t tell me “

“don’t tell me”

To KNOW you do something unjust is to stop if you love what is just

if you love yourself, others and do as you would be done by.

I see what’s wrong it the world. I see the right, too. The justice and the injustice They are part of the same evolving whole, made of the stuff I am made of, consuming and destroying and being born again

I see what’s wrong it the world.

When my cup is full I am not scared, I don’t despair of other people, the world or myself. I’m not bitter, I am happy because……. I know I can do my best, I know that what I do helps. To help someone else God’s hands may well be mine, to serve where they are needed, and I trust myself to know, well enough, if I am wrong I can learn

If I feel bitter If I am too scared If I think something is wrong or bad or hopeless rather than in a process I know well and am part of

If I despair….. I need to take care of myself. Let myself be taken care of

to give in the world you must have clear eyes and a full cup to know how your cup becomes full to know how much it holds how to fill it up how to make it bigger

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