“Leave Your Comfort Zone — If You Hit a Ceiling, Break It.”

This blog post is inspired by the following quote in “Treat Yourself Like a Startup,” by Nisarg Patel.

“Why can’t we treat ourselves like we treat our startups? Shouldn’t we be searching for our own ‘business models’ — our own methods for rapid personal growth that we can spread to others? One we can repeat over and over again to create better versions of ourselves? Startups don’t stop at version 1.0, why should we?…If you reflect on who you were six months ago and don’t feel even slightly embarrassed by that person, you aren’t growing. You’re stagnant…Don’t just grow. Grow exponentially. Each year should feel better than the last. If you hit a ceiling, break it.

Do me a quick favor and read that last sentence again.

Once upon a time, you found your place. Your comfort zone. And you stayed there because it’s safe. Sure you could make some changes to improve your style of living, but that would take work, and time and change is scary and we don’t like scary, do we? No. We don’t

We’re creatures of habit.

We don’t change unless an outside force is making us change.

And even then, we’re uncomfortable doing so. But why? We’re so scared of not reaching our goals, or not feeling adequate, or messing up and embarrassing ourselves, or being judged that at a very young age, we put ourselves in this tiny little box with no room to move. We go throughout life quietly remaining in our box, being sure not to disrupt anything or change anything, in fear of having to re-learn the way we do certain things and God forbid, have to put forth some extra effort.

But let me tell you a secret:

The extra effort is so worth it.

When you’ve reached your health goals by altering your eating patterns/exercise habits you don’t look back and think, “damn, I really wish I didn’t make those improvements to my health. That was hard and I regret putting forth that much effort for something.” No, you think, “that was so worth it, and I’m so much happier!”

You’re proud of yourself, and the effort pays off.

After spending countless hours a week pouring everything you have into a startup and having it finally pay off, you don’t regret spending so much time on one thing! You’re absolutely delighted to have made such a sacrifice. Why do we stop improving ourselves? Why are we stuck in this damn box?! It’s too small and dark. I don’t like this box.

“Startups don’t stop at version 1.0, why should we?”

Grow and improve yourself more than you grow/improve any other aspect of your life. It’s not selfish, it’s self-care and it’s vital in the success of everything else.

Keep climbing up. Grow exponentially. “If you hit a ceiling, break it.”

Originally published at dianazitting.com on December 26, 2015.

Diana Hazel Zitting

Written by

Diana, 18, is a Praxis participant. Her mission is to prove to the world that education is not one-size-fits-all & that you can be successful without college.