How to Awaken Your Wild Goddess Self

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Here’s how I awakened my Wild Goddess Self: I walked out of my life. For a second time.

I don’t recommend that you awaken your Wild Goddess Self this way, but this is how I did it.

This second time I walked out of my life, I expected it would be temporary. I hadn’t quite come to terms with what had happened the first time I walked out of my life. That first time, 7 years prior, was permanent. I never went back to it. However, there were pieces of my first life that I was holding on to. So I walked out my life this second time so I could take a look at it, my new life. I left Austin and went to Florida for 2 months. From that perspective I could see my life from a distance. Then I could choose which parts to keep and which parts to get rid of. Again.

I knew that being part of the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine was central to my second life, but I didn’t know how I wanted to express that. So I went to the water, to the womb. Between the ocean and the river, at the condo that had been my mother’s, in solitude with no other responsibilities, I planned to create what came next for me.

It was luscious. It was lonely. It was perfect.

It’s where I accessed permanently that deepest Wild Goddess Self.

Few can do what I did — walk out of your life temporarily for 2 months. You don’t have to. You can learn from me and then go on.

I did something similar, learned from another and then went on. How? I read it in a book.

When I first planned my Florida trip, I brought everything I thought I’d need, including many resources I held onto, some for years. One was a book I had actually owned decades ago, got rid of, and then bought again. In it, the author writes about her experience in sensory deprivation for 7 days and nights. What she ultimately found was that she already had the answers to all of the questions she had ever wanted to ask. She found the answers were already within her.

That resonated with me.

I knew that if I were to have that privilege of extended sensory deprivation that I too would have that same powerful wisdom realization. And I was glad. I had neither the desire nor opportunity to spend a week in sensory deprivation. However, I happily received her wisdom. I’ve been on enough pilgrimages of my own to know that when I get still and silent I have all the answers I need within.

So I really didn’t need to go to Florida, after all.

Circumstances can help, can be fun, can be exhilarating, but ultimately they are not required to get to the truth within, your own Wild Goddess Self.

Your own Wild Goddess Self lives at the heart of your desire. It’s as simple as asking “what do I want?” and learning how to unlearn all of the cultural conditioning that tells you what you should want, how your desire is supposed to look, who is supposed to receive the benefits of your energy — hint: the cultural answer is “not you.”

It’s a muscle you’ve not flexed recently (I’m guessing) and not nearly often enough. In fact, the theme that’s been bubbling up for me for a number of years now is “feed mama first.” It’s my point of view. It’s my mantra. It’s my recommendation to all women.

Rather than being last in line, your Wild Goddess Self is first. Feed her first. Nourishing food yes, and love, and energy, and orgasms —for sure, and many, both quantities and kinds. And then, only then, do you give away what spills over. That’s how we nourish each other and the world.

Not from an exhausted co-dependent brittle bone dry well.

But from your own lusciousness overflowing juicy wet slippery largess.

Imagine what our world would be like if each woman “fed mama first.”

Okay, I lied. I’m sure I’d awakened my Wild Goddess Self dozens of times in my life, both in my first one and in my second one. However, this is the time it stuck. I know that, from the unexpected feedback I received yesterday morning. I was at a meeting of entrepreneurs. The topic was “Energy Dualities as a Female Entrepreneur.” I didn’t know 6 of the attendees. The 7th one I’d only met once before. Over the 90 minute meeting, we discussed what it takes to be an effective leader, what feminine and masculine ways of being and doing are, and what true self-expression is like.

After we’d adjourned, one attendee made it a point to give me feedback. She’d attempted to do so earlier, but the conversation flowed in another direction. She said I was completely authentic. Real. That she could tell that I was speaking from deep within myself.

I was surprised and honored by her assessment. I was grateful for her impressions. After all, I wasn’t trying to speak from my deep inner wisdom. I wasn’t trying to be authentic. I wasn’t trying to be my Wild Goddess Self.

Now, that’s just simply who I am.

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