Facts About Tree Services Only A Handful Of People Know

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Tree Service Specialist?

Tree service specialists are people who professionally care for trees. The need for tree service surfaces for those who have numerous trees on their property or when dead or dying trees becomes a hazard. Selecting a tree service specialist is as easy as a scan through the phone book, if you know what to look for in a tree service company.

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A Tree Cut Is Not the Same As a Tree Planted: Understanding ‘Quick Fix’ Solutions To Development Consequences

Traffic and trees have recently found a persistent presence in everyday discussions among people and newspapers in the city of Bangalore. In an attempt to tackle traffic, the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has proposed building the widely contested steel flyover and other road widening projects which will result in cutting of several trees across the city. Cutting of trees is, of course, only one of several important reasons why these projects can be deemed featherbrained. In this article, I will stick with trees. BDA has defended that they will plant 60,000 saplings as compensatory afforestation which is much more than the trees that may be cut. This seems like a rational solution, or is it?

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Pruning and Trimming Trees by MSBF

The Manila Seedling Bank Foundation, aside from its regular line of services such as tree planting, agroforestry, and tree farming, is also into tree care and maintenance services such as tree pruning and stump removal. Tree removal often requires careful dismantling techniques by highly trained personnel to ensure the safety and protection of your home.

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Here’s How Many Trees Humans Cut Down Each Year

Trees play a crucial role supporting life across the globe, producing oxygen and absorbing climate change-causing carbon dioxide. But, despite the plant’s importance, humans have had little idea how many trees actually live on planet Earth.

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How to Avoid Being Clipped by a Tree Trimmer

You hear a knock on the door. The person standing there explains that his tree company is in the neighborhood and he noticed a problem with your tree. He says he does good work at a low price. He might even produce a business card saying “Fully Insured.” Should you have him work on your trees? If so, both you and your trees stand a very good chance of getting the clipping of your lives.

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