The purge: What happens when you unfollow everyone on the Internet
Helena Price

I like your idea of unfollowing people on the Internet. Someone talked me into Facebook, but I hate it worse than sin. Notifications get no further than my Inbox and I delete unread. I really like LinkedIn and am active there because nothing about it bugs me. I play around with Twitter, but it’s total chaos to me and I see no meaning in it. I tend to follow people, but not everyone, who follow me. However, I just noticed that I’m following about 150 more people than are following me. Is it possible to find the 150 who are no longer following me so that I can dump their asses?

Another thing that irritates me is when I UNsubscribe from some website and their shit just keeps rolling in. I spam those people and they seem to be gone for good. I may take your good suggestion and go on an Unfollowing rampage. I’m tired of sitting down at my laptop every morning and find 30–35 emails waiting for me. I usually delete all but 8–10. Time for me to say sayanaro to those other 25.

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