How to find your life’s purpose
Michael V. Ivanov

I liked the story about the blood. I have O-neg. The Red Cross likes to see me walk in the door. A few years ago, I learned that my blood is also missing a virus that most people have, I think it’s called CMV. If a matching blood type without the CMV can’t be found, my blood is the only type that can be given to newborns and adults who need surgery but have a compromised immune system. Donated blood is separated into three parts — plasma, red blood cells and serum. It’s rather soul-satisfying to consider that I could be helping save three people’s lives every time I donate. I like the idea too that one pint of my blood would be a complete transfusion for a newborn.

Giving blood isn’t my life’s purpose, but it is one of the purposeful things that I enjoy doing in life.

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