The Unexpected Power of Stillness
Mike Sturm

Silence and solitude taking some getting used to. Turn off the TV, radio, music and spend some time with yourself every day. As you sit quietly, you will be bombarded with thoughts that are known in Zen as “monkey mind”. Gently push them all away. Don’t jump up to go do something. Just sit there and try to keep your mind empty. This takes practice. Before long, you will be able to control your thoughts, which makes way for long thoughts and deep thinking. The power comes when you can control your thoughts and focus on the real issues. In silence, your mental clarity and vision will amaze you. Your productivity will soar. Soon you will hunger for and revel in your times of silence and solitude. Creativity springs from quiet. Never forget that the only things you can control are your thoughts and that is only accomplished in stillness.

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