12 Apartment Tips for 12 Months

FiDi, studio setup — after
FiDi, studio setup — before

Happy 2018! To celebrate the new year, New York At Home has rounded up our top tips as well as six after/before pairs from the past year. Our clients and readers collaborate with us so these results and suggestions come naturally from projects and conversations. We covered so much ground that we needed to pass on so many projects and tips in order to include only our absolute favorite takeaways and photographs below. If you have a particular tip that resonated with you that we didn’t cover here, reach out and let us know. Thank you for helping us create these 12 Tips for 12 Months!

Jersey City, home organizing — after

1. Design and Assign
Just because an endeavor seems fun and easy to do, doesn’t mean it will be fun and easy for YOU to do. If there’s a project you’ve been long putting off, it might be time to delegate.
- From February 2017. Want more? Read Edit and Elevate

Jersey City, home organizing — before

2. Take 10
Wipe down your windows to let in sun, remove stickers and labels from items, go through a miscellaneous bin, or hang out with your closet hangers. Set a timer and pick a task to 10-minute tackle.
- From March 2017. Want more? Read It Takes 10

Tribeca, kitchen setup — after

3. Prep Your Pantry
A small adjustment can make the most your NYC kitchen space. When you assess your everyday items vs. your occasional items, you up your pantry game to create a system that works for your kitchen.
- From April 2017. Want more? Read Kindred Kitchen

Tribeca, kitchen setup — before

4. Feed Their Needs
Take the guesswork out of your guest work by making your place food ready. Know what milk or bread options to have on hand, and go the extra mile by creating a list of nearby markets and your favorite neighborhood dining spots.
- From May 2017. Want more? Read Guest Expectations

Central Park North, estate settlement — after

5. Making Moves: Get Real
All your current furniture and belongings won’t magically fit into a new apartment if it’s a smaller space. Before you move, edit your belongings with friends, relatives, or NYAH professionals to make your new apartment fit and function.
- From June 2017. Want more? Read Making Moves: Taking Stock

Central Park North, estate settlement — before

6. Motivating Scents
Does the smell of coffee beans, pencil shavings, or a dry erase marker cue you into work mode? When it comes to getting things done at home, sometimes our nose knows the way. 
- From July 2017. Want more? Read Scent Mail.

Times Square, closet design — after

7. Making Moves: Work Trip Trick
Settling into a new space often takes longer than expected. If you pack yourself an extra suitcase as if you’re going on a week long work trip, you’ll have the items you need at your disposal for that first week.
- From August 2017. Want more? Read Making Moves: Suite Yourself

Times Square, closet design — before

8. Empty Advantage
Take advantage of an empty home by hiring people to paint the bedroom, build that closet, replace an old couch, grout the bathroom, or install a new oven while you’re on vacation. While you’re away, let the professionals play.
- From August 2017. Want more? Read Abandoned Abode

Kerhonkson, home organizing — after

9. To-Do Tote
The tote is a perfect visual to-do taskmaster. Put your to-do items (dry cleaning or library books to return) in a tote and leave near the front door. Or, write down errands on post-it note and stick on a tote as a reminder for your way out.
- From September 2017. Want more? Read NYAH Tool Kit: The Cotton Tote

Kerhonkson, home organizing — before

10. Draw Your Treasure Map
The key to accessing the buried treasure in your closet is to re-organize by making yourself a treasure map. Writing down the intended function first will keep you from having a closet full of items you never use that are hiding those snowboots you need right now.
- From October 2017. Want more? Read Booby Traps

West Village, space planning — after

11. Celebrate Progress
Micro decisions and small actions really add up. Even the act of writing down a home problem is progress. Remember to give yourself credit and celebrate how far you’ve come in creating a space that supports your busy daily life.
- From November 2017. Want more? Read Home Thanks

West Village, space planning — before

12. Gifts of Christmas Present
When we’re realistic about how a gift functions in our space, it’s easier to edit and decide what to keep or let go. As you assess your post-holiday stash, be realistic about if your past presents should be a part of your home presence. 
- From December 2017. Want more? Read Present Presence

San Francisco, home refresh — after
San Francisco, home refresh — before

Happy New Year
We at New York At Home are ever grateful for your readership and bringing us into your lives. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and your home this coming year, and we look forward to helping you create a space that works for you. May your 2018 be a year filled with the good kind of excitement as well as a comfortable place to recharge!