Invite Yourself

New York At Home has an assignment for you. Walk through your apartment and identify what you do in each room. If you’re a cat, this is easy: nap, nap, nap, and eat. When we know what we want out of our space, we can invite ourselves into action with a visual invitation. This laundry basket invites a literal catnap. Here are some other examples of how visuals can create a more functional space.

Spell It Out
If you love having drinks after work in the living room, maybe you need a sign; like one that literally spells it out. If you know how you use a space, don’t be afraid to make it clear.

Inner Nature
Work from home and need help settling in and connecting? Take a tip from this woman and bring some flowers home. Plants and flowers give great visual cues, due to that whole biology thing, and can help draw you into your home office.

Counter Balance
For some of us, a clear countertop is an invitation to set up shop, a reason to cook. For others, the thought of setting up appliances seems daunting and a clear countertop is a reason to order delivery. When we know what appliances we use every day and what visuals work for our culinary goals, we can create our own useful kitchen counter balance.

Find The Where & Put It There
If you always style your hair in the bathroom, keep your products there.If you style in the bedroom, move them to your dresser. If hand cream is applied after washing, put it near the bathroom sink. Do you practice piano in your living room? Then make a home for your keyboard there instead of moving it from your bedroom each time. If you work from home at a desk, keep your laptop there instead of on your nightstand or in a laptop bag. Our things can do more for us if they are waiting right where we use them.

Visual Invitation
When a spot is set up for an activity, obstacles are naturally removed. What obstacles can you tackle with some visual encouragement? Good luck with your walk through, New York At Home is here to help if needed, and be sure to share with us what visual invitations you send to yourself this week.