Party Home

New York at Home spent last weekend in Louisville Kentucky preparing for Derby. It got us thinking about how much fun it can be to host a themed party at home. As New Yorkers, we have limited space and time to party prep and don’t want to create unnecessary work. Here are some tips that will up your party game while lowering your party pressure.

Own Not Owning It
Sometimes we need an item for one great photo op, not a lifetime in our closets. With Poshmark you can find that perfect item (like a ten dollar vintage hat) and also list it to sell after the event. And why buy a dress you’ll only wear once when you can Rent The Runway? The sharing economy isn’t just for apartments and transportation anymore.

Home First
Unless you’re hosting the same theme party year after year, you might not want to invest too much — even one silver mint julep cup is pricey. Yes, one special cup for show is plenty — especially when paired with themed napkins. Or, if you’re set on having a set, you can always rent it. A fabulous NYC host has a home that stores what’s needed every day, not one day.

Guide Your Guests
If your guests ask what to bring, suggest something that will get consumed during the party. And if you’re a particular guest (like with a dairy or gluten allergy), you’ll make your host’s night easier by offering to bring something safe for yourself and others to enjoy. Giving your guests gift guidance means you won’t be the one wondering what is the best flavor of sugar-free vegan ice cream. It also won’t leave you trying to find just the right spot for a cast iron jockey sculpture the next morning.

Seat or Feet
Assess your space and decide ahead of time if your party will have a sitting or standing vibe. If you want people on their feet, make sure to move seating to the edge of the room to create space. If you need to add seating, consider chairs that store flat like these folding chairs. Or floor pillows are always a comfortable and fun option for guests.

Layer Your Lights
There are ways to light your home for a party without breaking the bank or your home wiring system. Setting up string lights like the ones pictured is an easy way to achieve ambience. Switch off your main lights, and your party lights are on. You can also add dimmers to your lamps or put in soft colors like these pink bulbs to create a more photo and people friendly mood.

Party People
When we invest in setting up our home for ourselves every day, we’ll be ready for when we need to set it up for a party on occasion. Making others feel welcome to a party is more about you than it is about your stuff. Out of all the 5 party Ws, the “who” is always most important. Here’s to having your home ready to throw great parties for great people.