Spring for Your Space

Tis the season for spring cleaning fa la la la la, la la la wait, don’t go. New York At Home is tackling spring cleaning in a way that serves your space, not your stuff. Keep it simple this spring with a goal not todeep clean everything you own, but rather assess what you use to simplify your space for comfort and function.

Spring Giving
Many of us look at an item and think, “I might use this someday.” Instead, try asking, “who could use this today?” That book, or extra warm coat, or 8-piece dish set only have value if you use them. If you don’t, it’s time for some spring giving.

Spring Upgrade
An almost empty toothpaste tube, a dented old shampoo bottle, oven mitts with that one hole you always have to avoid… living in NYC is hard enough, don’t make it worse by keeping dingy things around at home. A little replacing goes a long way in improving your daily home life.

Spring Take Back
We all have a purgatory pile of clothes not clean enough for the closet yet not ready for the hamper. Our pile placement though is usually out of habit. Does your pile live on that chair you never use? Take back that chair by putting a more functional object there. You might end up gaining another hamper, but now you can actually use your chair for sitting.

Spring Specific
If our favorite clothing stores were laid out like our over packed closets, they would go out of business. Try organizing your clothing into categories like work, weekend, and special occasion. Then put them back into your closet in that order: from easiest to less convenient to reach. If you get specific with your closet layout, you’ll be able to save time in the morning by shopping in your closet instead of frantically searching through it.

More Specific
This technique of ours for quick closet edits is featured here on the site My Domaine.
First, move all the clothing out of your closet into the bedroom. Put stacks of 10 items at a time on the bed. Evaluate into three categories: worn in the past month, keep, donate. Doing this exercise regularly enables you to keep your closet compact and organized.
Looking for extra credit? Give your hangers an upgrade.

Spring Free
When we focus on the things that serve our apartments and just not fill them up, we free up space in our homes (and consequently our heads) for renewal. Spring free this year by editing out the unuseful things in your precious space.