Social TV Continues to Move Forward with Live Streaming…

By Diane Bernard, CMO, Social TV & Live Stream Trainer, Coach & Speaker

So what is Social TV? Well we should probably start by saying what its not.

It’s not TV. There I said it. Traditional TV (less the second screen) is not and was not designed to be interactive or social. Although cable and other new applications have tried to help TV to become interactive with the second screen… it is still the “white elephant.” And is about as good as its going to get which is just not good enough for today’s mobile consumers.

Nielsen Ratings

The other thing that it is, it’s not able to get viewer’s data, even with the powerful Nielsen ratings, who I saw collecting viewer data from theatre goers one time last year. Really? I don’t think that this is considered “social” data ok maybe, but it’s not going to get you the data you could be getting from online social media or in this case Social Tv.

Social TV

So, now what IS Social TV? It is the latest in live stream, real-time, raw, unedited and authentic content. It is a look inside the broadcaster’s POV that viewers crave. It’s the behind the scenes cool stuff, that the second screen (additional mobile app for more info on show) can not do. The latest releases of Social TV now has live comments, chatting, social sharing and is generally connected to all the major social media apps including Facebook.

Facebook Ads

So, what’s so great about Facebook and why should I care? Because they did something so right that so few have done. They found an organic way to learn the most personal things about you and allow advertisers to target your interests and find you the one time you happen to be on Facebook and now you too are part of it’s powerful reach. Here is an example of the “power editor” of Facebook Ads.

Let’s look at its new Power Editor (ad selection criteria). Let’s say you are selling an application for an email B2B marketing program. You might think, “hmmm, someone who might be interested is a person with a marketing degree from X college (known for churning out marketing experts). And let’s say they follow online marketing groups and they are in the perfect age of 25–45 for marketers who are most commonly in charge of this task. Maybe you want someone who has interest in following topic on Marketo or MailChimp (email automation tools), etc. You might ask can you do that? (Remember B2B customers are people too, and when they are off email, they can be found on other online sites.) And yes, you can find this kind of information inside Facebook’s rich data. The result is almost perfect targeting.

What does Facebook have to do with Social TV? Well, with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it closes the loop to advertisers to find their best targets and with live stream you have a live, interactive dialog with your best potential customers. Social TV is an ecosystem with better data, engagement, and relationships that are authentic (less expensive than major productions) and wins you customers.

Live Stream + Social Media = Social TV

So, Social TV is on the fringes of Live Streaming when you now add the social interactions, chatting, targeting and live engagements. In all practicality, Social TV has already arrived. New applications like Periscope, Meerkat, Firetalkwith the addition of Facebook Live and YouTube Live are the platforms most currently being used. Each has it’s pros and cons. I think Periscope has the best engagement and Facebook Live has the most possible reach once it is better integrated to more viewers.

If you or your company would like to learn more about using Live Stream or Social TV, you can contact Diane Bernard Diane is a speaker on Social TV at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Digital Hollywood and Variety Entertainment & Technology.