You Can’t Fix Education
Hank Green

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It’s a shame those in charge of American education today didn’t adhere to this old proverb. I went to school in the 40s and 50s and received a better education by the time I graduated high school than most college students receive today. And, I was no genius by any stretch of the imagination. Discipline was strict, dress codes enforced, homework mandatory, memorization enforced, and a full curriculum of subjects required. I expected the same quality of education for my children. But, unfortunately, that was the era when educators felt children could not handle the pressures education imposed upon their parents, and the dumbing down of American education began.

Activities once considered extracurricular in my day became accredited classes towards graduation (driver ed, band, drama clubs, etc.) Seven primary subjects every day for four years became three (with the statement children handle more than that adequately). Four years of history became one, three years of language became an elective. Three years of math reduced to the equivalent of two, stretched out. Three years of science. Don’t know if science is required anymore. Four years of English. ???????

The simpler school becomes, the less our children are learning, and more their brains are atrophying. Get government out of education, enforce mental math before allowing technology to save time, raise teacher pay and give them free rein to teach according to their learned talents. Worry less about hot nutritious lunches and return to active recesses to burn off excess weight, demand discipline. We don’t need to FIX education. We need to RETURN to it.

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