Dear America: We’re better than this.
Mark DeLoura

Our founding fathers had a specific dream in mind as to how a successful government should be run to ensure a prosperous, law abiding citizenry. And, those dreams could well have been realized if government remained on the track the founders set it on. But, it didn’t.

They wanted a small governmental body that could interact with the people. Our government today is so large, no one is even aware of the purpose of many officials who collect paychecks from taxpayers to do something, a something not even specified or controlled.

They (our founders) felt it to be a duty, (similar to jury duty) to serve in our government for a specific time, leave and return to normal daily life allowing someone else to serve with fresh, new, or just different opinions as to what may improve our country. They did NOT intend for public office to become a career for ANY one. A revolving door creates a fresh breeze. The air behind closed doors becomes stagnant and foul. A revolving door would also cut back on the extreme corruption that rules our government today.

They included the need for representatives. People to hear what his section of the country wants and/or is in most need of, and strive to attain it for them. Today, the people are lucky to get a form letter thanking them for writing, period. Our representatives do only what they feel is best for them personally.

Wealth was not meant to rule the country, but without it, no one can get into office. A wealthy man does not always have what it takes to run an office, whereas a middle income, or even a poor man could do more for this country than the wealthiest man alive. But, he stands no chance to achieve that position.

Our whole system must either return to the basic desires of our founders or our country will fail in its entirety.

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