The Antimigrants
Ryan Huber

What the article addresses is the rise of America through immigration and immigrants. Nothing could be truer. The article also addresses the decline of America due to the rise and fall of nations in the past, and is currently occurring in our Country today. These are conditions that have taken place PRE Trump, so Trump does NOT figure into the current status of American declination as the article infers. Neither Trump, nor the majority of his supporters are NOT anti immigration. What we ARE against is the ILLEGAL immigrants who are imposing a strain on the U.S.

For the first couple hundred years of America’s existence, our shores were open to anyone who wished to come here (with a few restrictions). This was necessary in order to populate the new country. And these early immigrants all registered upon their arrival. Once the country reached a population that this country could adequately support, immigration became more restricted, and that is how it should be as population control allows for the prosperity and well being of its citizens.

The influx of ILLEGAL immigrants has put a strain on our country creating a situation of unsustainability, placing a hardship on its legal residents, dragging the country down. This laxity by our government is destroying the once great and prosperous America, and THIS is what Trump hopes to rectify by putting a halt to the millions of freeloaders entering through open borders.

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