The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read
Savannah L. Barker

The premise was good, if some statements not quite factual, but the prose goes down hill from there; starting with excusing millennials for not accepting Hillary as a feminist simply because they were not around in her earlier career.

What, millennials can’t read? Can’t research the internet? Don’t have critical thinking skills? Or do they just think anyone outside their generation is just not with it? Probably would have been better to simply reprint Jong’s article.

I have come lately to be a strong Hillary supporter, but being a survivor is not enough to be leader of the most powerful country. She has not simply survived, she has continued to grow in knowledge and expertise by leaps and bounds to be one of the most intelligent, effective leaders of all time. More people would see that if she wasn’t a woman. She is certainly the most qualified, if not the only qualified, candidate in the race for president.

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