Important Safety Features to Look While Strolling

Over the years so many features are added to stroller so it’s necessary to become familiar with the safety issues. Some stroller features are added for baby’s comfort and some are aimed at parents. The best lightweight stroller is a good combination of the features. Here are some of the stroller features that can affect your child’s wellbeing :

1. Restraint system :

You need to protect your baby from slipping out very carefully .The stroller with a sturdy safety belt and crotch strap is effective to prevent baby from slipping out. According to ASTM safety standards, a crotch strap should be mandatory when the waist strap is in use.

The buckles on the harness should be like that is easy for you to operate but difficult for your baby to unfasten. If you’re shopping with your baby, the seat belt should be strong enough and durable, and fits snugly around your child. The straps should be securely anchored and height-adjustable for proper fit.

2. Canopy

A canopy is a mandatory thing for protecting the baby, especially in glaring sunlight or unpleasantly cold or wet weather. Some canopies have a clear plastic little window on top so parents can keep an eye on the baby while they are strolling. Canopies vary from a simple fabric square strung between two wires to deep, pull-down versions. 180 degree reversible canopies protect the baby from sun or wind from front or behind. The weight also varies upon these features, some are known for the best lightweight strollers and so some are the heavier ones. Read more about

3. Leg holes

Carriages and strollers designed for little angels, so it should be fully reclined, must have leg holes that close so an infant can’t slip through anyhow. The companies who manufacture use mesh or fabric shields or hinged, molded footrests that raise and clamp over the leg holes. According to the industry’s voluntary standard, a stroller with leg holes that can’t be closed shouldn’t be able to fully recline, which is meant to prevent its use with a just born.

4. Brakes

A stroller whether it’s the best lightweight stroller or anything else must have a good parking brake, on that’s convenient to operate and locks two wheels. Parking brakes on two wheels provide an extra addition of safety. Some pricier jogging strollers have hand-operated brakes on the front or rear wheels. Stroller models that can hurt one’s feet when engaging or disengaging the brakes should be avoided.

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