Finding the Right Fit

I help small companies and larger companies find creatives and assistants that help them to scale and grow their businesses. Most of these are remote positions but I have placed people in office situations as well.

I have done this quite a few times. I have placed creatives in part time and full time positions that are a great fit. I don’t just look at the skill of the creative but also their personality and find fits that work for the companies that are looking.

Taking the approach that it is a relationship not just a business move sets me apart. I never meet a stranger and have been blessed with a great memory (for the most part).

I start with interviewing the decision-maker at the company who is looking to expand. This could be anything from 5–10 hours a week to full time 40+ hours a week. I have a conversation with them about what they are looking for as far as creative needs, office needs, and then dig into their personality and how they like to work. Then I dig into my database and find a few people who might fit. I set up a introduction email or skype session after pairing the company with the right person to fit their needs.

I have also paired business partnerships too. I meet a lot of people and know a lot of entrepreneurs and creatives who are doing fantastic things. I use this network to connect people and help everyone get what they want. The creatives or office staff get amazing jobs, while the company can expand at a pace that is right for them.

I offer guidance for the potential contractor or employee as well as continued support and business tips for the business owner.

I am building my database and would love to know you, whether you are looking for employment or contract work, or if you are looking to hire someone. Shoot me an email at and let’s talk.

Building the database is free and costs you nothing but a little time.

Thanks Dustin Lee, Suzanne Sarver, and my sister for encouraging me to do this on a larger scale.