Siri, why can’t you understand me?

Seriously, I try and ask her to type, “she put in an extra U in there.” She hears, “she put in an extra human in there.”

I can’t fault her too bad, I hear the wrong things many times. But the worst one was when I was trying to walk my dog and I was texting my friend Megan back, saying I would call her after I finished walking Buddy (my dog). Siri did not write that. She wrote, “I will call you after I finish f **cking Buddy.” Yikes. That is illegal and yucky! I would never do that. What does she think of me.

Another thing is she doesn’t know how to spell my name. Always, always, always spells it with 2 n’s. ARgghh.

First Medium post done. Look for more bits and pieces here.

What is your funny Siri typing story? I would love to hear it!