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If I was a cheerleader for Donnie(which I am not) I would start digging a hole to bury my head in…if you go along with all the deceit and corruption that he has done to individuals I would question my morals…he is so quick to point a finger at his opponent while hiding all of his nasty dealings in business, the degrading of women and if you are one and go along with it,( I feel sad for you), the mocking of the disabled over national television was inhumane, the statement of saying he only likes hero’s who were not damaged and come home from serving “our” country, talking about building an impossible wall, wants to deport millions because you do not like the race or religion…I question his sanity…I question his tax returns…I question his motive…America has always been great…he just doesn’t like the fact it is greater than he will ever many have gone through so much and now he wants to separate us from each other…the words are “We as a Nation must work together” not separate …think of what happened to Germany..Donnie will send many off, only because he does not have a gas chamber at his disposal…….

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