Why I Wish I’d Been Diagnosed With Autism As A Child
The Establishment

The Missed in the Mist

Thank you for your wonderful personal story. Much of it paralells with my own. Unfortunately, I live in America in the deepest South where there are few services for anyone with any kind of mental illness. I am 40 and I was just diagnosed with autism. I was raped by different people over my life, more than I can remember or count. I was also conspicuously meek and passive and isolated. I have been unable to hold down a job and there are no, NO, support services for me here so my elderly parents must pay my way. I have been jailed and strapped down and tased by the local law enforcement during a meltdown. I have been told by so many clinicians that I can’t possibly be autistic even though my symptoms are quite typical. I would love to move somewhere that would give me just the little bit of understanding I need to keep a job and write in my spare time. Keep writing dear, it helps me to hear your story.