How Hub, Mike Cernovich Jr and I got to fulfill our lifelong dream

Ever since I was a little girl, I had wanted to live in the country.

Have a horse.

I used to beg my Dad for this.

And my hub’s Dad Mike Sr used to take him on his “ trash route”

Yeah, back in the day, in our town, Kewanee, Illinois you had to hire people to pick up your garbage.

Anyway the place where they delivered the trash was called- the city landfill.

And as a little boy, Mike dreamed to own that place one day.

And we now do!

Its 6 acres of tillable land.

It has a barn.

And we have built chicken coops.

And we have 25 chickens there- 2 roosters and 23 happy laying hens.

I sell the eggs for 2 dollars a dozen.

We call the place Indian Hills Hobby Farm

Our next step is to get a power pole, and an outhouse.

Our friend, Mitch McCormick has started working on one.

We want to start bee hives, as bees are becoming extinct, and honey keeps forever if stored properly.

And I really want goats- for milk, butter and cheese.

But getting off main subject- How this came to be.

I’ll tell ya, we’ve never saved a dime during our whole marriage.

And our lives, and our kid’s lives were difficult due to my bipolar disorder.

Well 5 years ago I left my hub.

Was gone for about 6 months.

Was in nursing homes, a geriatric psyche ward.

Accumulated about a million dollars in pharmaceutical drugs and cost of living in the homes.

They were letting me have this for free because they were sure I could pay them back when I got disability, which I applied for.

But I was denied.

So the drug company sent me letter saying they could no longer give me meds.

And though the nursing home staff didn’t want to- they had to kick me out.

So my hub didn’t know this was going to happen, but God told him I was gonna be homeless if he didn’t take me back.

So he did, and our marriage is better than it ever has been.

But we had all these medical bills

Mike felt like he was up against the wall!

But when you’re down to nothing- God is up to something!!!.

So one evening we invited some strangers into our home for Supper.

They had been preaching the gospel in downtown Kewanee.

After Supper we did some singing with Mike on guitar, and some praying.

As these brothers in Christ were about to leave, one of them- Sam a pastor/prophet from N Nigeria suddenly stopped and said to Mike,

“ God is going to make land awailable to you. Wild land.”

Mike really didn’t believe it.

But soon after I asked him if we could take a walk at Johnson’s park, a popular park in Kewanee, lots of hiking trails and such.

So we took the back roads, and we saw a sign saying this parcel of land to be auctioned in September.

So he and our youngest Ryan went to auction and bid for it and got it.

I must tell you the Lord used someone to buy it for us.

We only use it to run dogs and as a refuge for wild animals.

Now a coup;e of years later we heard about the 6 acres that we have started Indian Hills Hobby Farm on, and I really desired it so the Lord gave it to us too.

And the jist of the story is the Bible says if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desire of our hearts

And that’s what we did and continue to do.

By the way, we never had to pay the medical bills that I accumulated when I was in homes.They may have written them off to charity.

And in closing I’d just like to say I serve a good God!

He’s not mad at you. He’s mad about you.

By Diane L Cernovich

May 1 rst, 2017