How a Rescue Dog Proved That I’m Not an Asshole After All

There really is hope for the human race!

Diane Egan
2 min readSep 16, 2022


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I wrote an article a few days about about Sadie, a stray dog who stole my heart.

There was no way I could adopt her because of my husband and little yappy dogs. It broke my heart when our county’s Animal Rescue took her away. I named the dog “Sadie.” Dammit, I’m a fixer. Letting Sadie go was a sign that I was a failure and an asshole. I couldn’t fix her.

I’m not sure why, but I constantly checked websites of animal shelters in our area for the next two days. It’s not like I could bring Sadie home if I did find her. I needed some peace of mind knowing that Sadie had a good home with people who would love and treat her right.

A few days ago, my next door neighbor was taking her trash can to the street. I was grabbing frozen groceries out of the car when I heard her shout, “Look who’s here!”

She was holding a leash in her head, and Sadie was at the end of it! I couldn’t believe it! My neighbor went to the animal shelter the day after animal control took Sadie away. Sadie was spayed, microchipped, examined by a vet, and brought up to date on her shots. Her name is now Tahlula, Lula for short. She barked when she saw me. When I called her, she recognized my voice. Her tail wagged out of control, and she ran over to say hi.

I asked my neighbor if she had everything she needed for Lula. I noticed how loose Lula’s collar was around her neck. I told my neighbor Lula could easily slip her head out of it. I ran to our house and came back with an adjustable Thunder harness. It fit Lula perfectly.

My husband’s favorite cereal bowl is now Lula’s water dish.

The words that describe the joy in my heart are overwhelming. Just knowing that Lula has a home where she’ll be loved and cared for made me forget all of the shit happening in my life and the world for the rest of the day. Warm and fuzzy events in my life don’t show up very often anymore, but when they do, I don’t want to let them go.



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