An Open Letter To The Person Who Robbed My Family
Amanda Mancino-Williams

Reading this story brought back my painful memories of being robbed 2 years ago. I have no children, couldn’t have any, but I had items that had precious memories attached to them and they took them all so I can relate to the feelings you have and the horrible invasion of privacy to know someone was in your private space, went through your drawers, your children’s things. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s a beautifully written, honest and very sad story and it’s brave of you to share it. I hope it gives you a tiny shred of peace. I know I am feeling those feelings from when I was robbed of those things that we worked so hard for and especially those things that meant so much to me like my mom who I lost after her battle with cancer, her jewelry. They took all of it. They took every piece of jewelry my husband and family had ever given me except for the necklace I have on today because I was wearing it that day. It’s such an invasion. Barely a month later we found ourselves in another horrible situation, my stepson had been beaten so badly he was on life support and we had to find the money to fly to be there and make the gut-wrenching decision to remove him from life support. It became murder and we went through a two-year trial. Exhausting emotionally. During that time, they caught the couple who robbed us. They had been on a robbing spree, wrecking a lot of people’s lives. You see, he had been out of prison seven months for doing the same thing. They needed to sell things for drugs. I spent hours drawing my mom’s jewelry, looking for photos to prove what I had lost. They had sold everything. There was nothing to return. I wrote the judge about how this had affected our lives and attended his trial. I don’t know what I expected, maybe just an “I’m sorry for what I did” but not even that. He never looked at us, he just complained that in prison they didn’t help him enough with drug rehab. It took a while to let go of the despair and anger and I still have moments of it but I know you are a good person and I hope you find some closure. Thank you for sharing your story in such an amazing way.

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