Take a knee.
Patrick Gothman

How can you say “Those who claim that to kneel is to dishonor the country miss both the intention of the gesture and the variety of expressions patriotism can take.” when the man who started this is quoted as saying “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color….” . Kneeling in this instance is not a display of respect…it is a protest of we don’t respect the flag or the country because it represents a false picture and all these other people are too ignorant to understand and I need to let them know how bad it is whether they want to hear it or not. People after the fact and the repercussions always try to back peddle and change the story…the facts are that CK is a puppet for sBLM activists and the NFL is the deep pocket employer who is enabling. Most fans and paying customers don’t want political messages preached at them during sporting events and certainly not when they take time to honor the founding of the country and the military. The NFL will have to make a decision and so will the fans…it is not anything you can make people feel guilty about in hopes of changing their minds. The issue is “not at work and not on my time and my dime.” I have yet to hear the answer to the question…if CK or the other kneeler followers would also kneel at the gold medal flag ceremony should they ever be a recipient of an that honor? And ask the fans who support them the same question. Then we can have a follow up discussion about demanding equal time. Will they stand in unity to support the rejection of domestic violence? Ending abortion? Immigration reform? Gun Rights? Prayer…if the NFL is going down the road of political messages are OK…start lining up! Money from activist groups will flow and the game will never start.

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