It is Time to Take Back America

If you expect support for Rubio you will need to get him to change his tax plan and his immigration plan. He is not in favor of the changes we want because the establishment and donors are controlling him….the biggest problem is he is in favor of amnesty and pretends he is not by saying he will check back with the people after the initial steps of the plan are implemented like the wall, e-verify, etc. We don’t support legalizing the 12 million already here and then giving them the opportunity to have a future congress or SCOTUS reverse that plan to actual citizenship…We don’t support anchor babies policy and he refuses to fix that. If illegals are denied work, driving a car, access to school, and are not eligible to receive food, housing and health benefits they will self deport and try to come back legally. We also need to set a minimum number of new citizens/immigrants allowed each year…we are currently $19 trillion in debt and can’t afford to take on more population in need of benefits, more people on the roads, more people in schools, hospitals etc. Let’s get the house in order for our current citizens before we invite people to move in. Stop acting irresponsibly. The gov’t is not working!