It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

“We have to think about everything we do and every word we say. Am I saying this too loudly? Do I look like I might be stealing? If I complain about these working conditions, will they call me lazy? Why did this teacher tell me I can’t be an engineer when I’ve got a 3.8 GPA? Why am I being pulled over when I did nothing wrong?”

Do you honestly believe feelings of insecurity or discrimination are limited to people of color? Your questions could be rightfully asked by many in th course of their daily activities. These feelings are more often limited to people without self esteem or those who prefer/accept a life of victimhood. What solutions can we offer to improve those personal inadequacies or is their existence the key to survival, happiness, security…all of us need to be challenged and to strive for our own self worth?

Another question..why do so many successful/content blacks not believe black racism is or should be a concern in this country?

I must ask…realizing there were 3,500 black slaveowners in the 1830s that collectively owned over 10,000 black slaves, what was their part in building a culture for skin color?

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