Dear Kidneys

The following is a letter to my stressed out, inflamed kidneys. To learn more about what your body is telling you, search metaphysical cause of [insert your ailment here]. Now to begin:

Dear Kidneys,

I love you. I appriciate you. You make my life happen. You allow me to freely walk around, balancing my fluids, taking out those things I no longer need. You have worked so hard for 34 years. Filtering for 2, ten times in 10 years. You got me through graduations, deaths, abuses and pleasures. You have been my faithful companions through folly and dout, through joy and sorrow, through anger and disdain.

Dearest kidneys, you brought me to the brink of death and back again. You show me where I am hyper emotional and where my anger spikes up. I’ve hit on the subject of anger with you before. Anger isn’t to be shamed or feared. But respected and honored. Namely, when I brush off the strong feelings I have, it is you who helps me rid them from my body and to remind e that I still have work to do. But this time it is different. I can feel it. You want change and lasting change at that. For this to happen for me- us, I have to go back and acknowledge a few things. You help me process the enormous swings in emotion. The elation, the trauma, the fun, the deviststion. All of the emotional swings are brought back to center. You help keep me motivated and allowed me the room to breath while working to rid my body of all that I willingly brought in. You help with my stamina and great staying power that I have.

Kidneys, You bring the gift of integration and discernment. Without these I would be in much worse circumstances. You help me to integrate my lineage. The tiny DNA that makes me unique and links me to the rest of my blood family and all of humanity. I am in resistance to integrating this powerhouse of wisdom and information. I want to remain seperate. I see how humans treat each other. I have been on the recieving end of human abuse. I have ingested and drank the poison that has made by another and it has harmed me. This is the fear that produces the great anger that arises from me. I saw that I was continuing to live in fear- fear of death, fear of life, fear of relation, fear of any and everything. This stiffeled and stiffened my will and took away my resolve. This fear froze me to my core- afraid that anything I would do would cause retribution and far reaching repercussions for sins I didn’t commit. My stregnth and vitality was sucked dry and withered to dust.

Then one day you aroused me. Kidneys, you helped me to see that I do have a choice. I do have the will to get up and do again. You give me the ability to see- to discern the difference between what is good for me and what needs to go. You helped me place the filter of love and acceptance over my eyes. You helped clear my ears so I can hear. You have helped me to anchor into my blood line. Yes, this task is monstrous. But I am awakened enough to sense the call. I am healing my kidneys as well as all the blood that is within me. That of 6 family lines will be healed as I heal myself. I will no longer stand and be awash with indifference and stagnation. I am responding to your needs of fresh real foods, pure water and an open heart. I am responding with healing energy, time line correction and forgivness. I am awear of my part even when I cannot see the bigger picture. I am activating my genetic potential. I am secure in love and standing on a strong firm foundation. I am moving forward in my integration of divine power and i remember all of my soul’s history. I bring forward and embody all of my ancestral memories. I bring all of me, all of them, all of humanity into a space of completion.

Kidneys, you are with me for the long haul. I am here for you while you are always working for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So maybe be. I am word.